Olympic National Park Hiker Rescued After Crawling 8 Hours Searching for Cell-Phone Service

According to KOMO News on February 23, 2020 - A 26-year-old hiker on the Duckabush Trail (west of Hood Canal) spent 8-hours crawling through the Olympic National Forest until he could find a place with cell-phone service and call for rescue. The hiker was rescued by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter and transported to Harborview Medical Center in stable condition.

Cell-phone signals are generally unreliable in remote areas. We note however that there are several Amateur Radio Repeaters that are reachable from the Duckabush Trail. When solo hiking it is important to carry a reliable means of communication. Becoming a licensed Amateur Radio Operator can provide you with emergency communications from remote areas.

If you are not a Amateur Radio Operator yet, consider carrying a satellite messenger such as the Garmin Explorer Plus. And even if you are an Amateur Radio Operator, a satellite messenger is a useful back up to your radios.

Responding to Utility Emergencies

Puget Sound Energy offers a free on-line course Responding to Utility Emergencies.  The course is designed to help emergency responders recognize potential hazards involving electricity and natural gas and the necessary guidelines to assure their safety and that of the general public.

PSE YouTube video: This Might Shock You: Downed Power Line

If you come across a downed utility wire of any kind, always do the following:

Assume it's energized and stay as far away as you can.
Energized lines can charge the ground near the point of contact and may electrocute you. If you come upon a downed line of any kind, stay at least 35 feet away. Do not attempt to rescue a person or pet.
Call 911 or the utility serving the location. For Puget Sound Energy, call 1-888-225-5773.
Leave everything to utility professionals and emergency personnel.
Do not drive over downed power lines.
Even if they're not energized, downed wires can get entangled with your vehicle and cause further damage.
Stay i…

Disaster First Aid Training - Pierce County, WA

I spent today taking the Pierce County Preparedness Academy Disaster First Aid Course. This eight hour course teaches first aid with disaster triage, and light rescue training. I highly recommend taking this training if you live or work in Pierce County.

Whenever possible attend a hands on class to develop and maintain your skills. The more training you can take, the better prepared you will be to take care of yourself, your family, and your neighborhood during a disaster.

Radios and Communication Products (Amazon)


How To Steal A Cop's Gun

Law enforcement vehicles often have shotguns and full-auto assault rifles stored in them, and these firearms are too often poorly secured. In under a minute you can defeat the lock that holds these firearms in the police vehicle and be away with the guns.

OK, we don't really suggest stealing a firearm from a police vehicle. Seriously, don't try it!

However, if you are a law enforcement officer (or anyone else) and have a firearm secured in your vehicle, you should be aware that some gun locks are quickly and easily defeated.

Leaving firearms and other equipment in a "take home" police vehicle overnight greatly increases its vulnerability to theft.

The following YouTube videos show just how quickly a firearm can be stolen from a police vehicle:

Police Car Rifle Lock Opened 4 Ways (Santa Cruz Gunlocks SC-5)

Police Car Shotgun Lock Picked (Santa Cruz Gunlocks SC-1)

Magnet Opens Police Car Shotgun Lock (Santa Cruz Gunlocks SC1)

If a criminal can't defeat the gun locks …

The Lower Valley Assembly

The Lower Valley Assembly is a grassroots movement whose goal is to foster a safe, stable and free community. The purpose of the Lower Valley Assembly (LVA) is to promote the advancement of self-reliance and security within the Lower Yakima Valley in accordance with the laws of nature and the commonly held Judeo-Christian principles by which the United States of America was founded.

Check out the Lower Valley Assembly web-page. Run by a fellow Ham, there is a LOT of preparedness information on the page related to Washington and the Pacific Northwest. The "Blogroll" list of blogs and web-pages makes visiting the page worthwhile, and there is so much more. You will definitely want to follow the Lower Valley Assembly if you have an interest in preparedness and self-reliance.

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)

Whether they're called ARES, RACES or ACS, amateur radio teams and individual operators can be called upon to provide backup and/or alternate communications during times of emergency.  Amateur operators can bring huge capacity on HF, VHF and UHF amateur spectrum to operate within or between jurisdictions with voice and digital modes to provide communications between county and state emergency management offices and to border States and Canada as required. 

ARES / RACES of King County

East Thurston County ARES Team

Pierce County ARESAmateur Radio Emergency Service Manual

Amateur Radio Field Operating Guide (District 5, Pierce County, ARES)
Puget Sound Energy ARES

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service

Thurston County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (TCARES)

Washington State Amateur Emergency Communications

Western Washington District 3 - ARES & RACES