SURVIVAL A Simulation Game (USAF)

You and your companions have just survived the crash of a small plane. Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed in the crash. It is mid-January , and you are in Northern Canada. The daily temperature is 25 below zero, and the night time temperature is 40 below zero. There is snow on the ground, and the countryside is wooded with several creeks criss-crossing the area. The nearest town is 20 miles away. You are all dressed in city clothes appropriate for a business meeting. Your group of survivors managed to salvage the following items:
A ball of steel wool A small ax A loaded .45-caliber pistol Can of Crisco shortening Newspapers (one per person) Cigarette lighter (without fluid) Extra shirt and pants for each survivor 20 x 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas A sectional air map made of plastic One quart of 100-proof whiskey A compass Family-size chocolate bars (one per person)
Your task as a group is to list the above 12 items in order of importance for your survival. List the uses for each. You MUS…

Swiss Transfer

Now that Mozilla has shut down Firefox Send you may be looking for a new way to transfer files. One option, that we recommend, is Swiss Transfer.

As we suggested when previously using Firefox Send, create an encrypted archive using a program such as 7-Zip. Now use Swiss Transfer to send that archive to your intended recipient.

From the Swiss Transfer terms of service:

The use of the Swiss Transfer Service provided by Infomaniak is free.

Each transfer is limited to a data volume of 50 gigabytes (GB). Data can be sent to up to 20 recipients.

- Infomaniak undertakes to transmit the connection data via https.

- The maximum number of downloads per file is 200.

- The maximum number of files that can be sent per transfer is 500 files.

- The maximum number of transfers per day is 500.

- After 30 days, access to files by the download URL is no longer available.

Create a 7-Zip Encrypted Archive

7-Zip is an open source software used to compress or zip files, and further allows these files to be secured with AES-256 encryption.

7-Zip, like WinZip, creates a container called archive that holds the files to be protected. That archive can be encrypted and protected with a password. 7-Zip is a free software that creates Zip files that can be opened with WinZip or other similar programs.

If 7-Zip is not already on your computer, you can obtain a copy of 7-Zip at

Once you have 7-Zip installed, create an encrypted archive. Be sure to use a strong password. This encrypted archive provides additional security for sensitive files on your computer. You can also send the encrypted archive to others if you need to share sensitive information with others. You may also want to choose the option to "encrypt the file list" so that you have to enter the archive password before you can see the file names contained in the archive. If you don't choose this option,…

Department Of Justice Identifies New York City, Portland And Seattle As Jurisdictions Permitting Violence And Destruction Of Property

The U.S. Department of Justice today identified the following three jurisdictions that have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities: New York City; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.

The DOJ accuses each city's leaders of impeding police efforts that and stopping agencies from doing their jobs, which the memo says endangers innocent citizens who deserve to be protected, including those who are trying to peacefully assemble and protest.

In its review of Seattle, the DOJ says it the city allowed anarchists and activists to seize six blocks on Capitol Hill that originally became known as the "CHAZ", then later as "CHOP"/

Seattle Police ordered its officers to abandon its East Precinct inside the zone.

Investigators found that crime increased 525% during the time of CHOP, including by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's own count: two additional homicides, six ro…

1930s Emergency Cake - Depression Era Recipe

This is a quick and easy all in one bowl dump and mix cake. A one step vanilla cake that works really well, in spite of the simplified mixing method.Ingredients:1 ¾ cup flour 1 cup sugar¼ tsp salt2 ½ tsp baking powder1/3 cup shortening⅔ cup milk1 egg1 tsp vanillaMethod: Preheat oven to 350ºF Combine and mix all ingredients. Beat well for 3 minutes. Bake in a 7x7” pan for about 20+ minutes; until a cake tester comes out clean.
And another one...This 1939 Depression Cake is an Eggless, Butterless, Milkless Cake... It was born out of the hard times of war, and then used through the dark years of the depression. This is a vegan raisin spice cake that we found in the 1939 Elmvale Community Cookbook.Ingredients:500 mL (2 cups) raisins250 mL (1 cup) sugar30 mL (2 Tbsp) vegetable shortening5 mL (1 tsp) ground cinnamon2 mL (½ tsp) ground cloves250 mL (1 cup) water5 mL (1 tsp) baking soda375 mL (1½ cups) all purpose flourMethod: Place raisins, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and water in a small pot an…

Trail Hike - Scatter Creek Wildlife Area

Access the Scatter Creek Wildlife Area from the public parking area (a Discover Pass is required) on Case Road. You will first follow a path across a large open field. There is a view of Mt. Rainier from the field on a clear day. On the far side of the field follow the trails throughout the wooded area. There is both a North Track and a South Track, along with a number side paths and trails. The trails are well maintained and easy to walk in most areas. This is a great trail if you are just looking for a quiet walk in the woods, and a great place to walk with your dogs.
The North track is about two and a half miles, and the South track is about a mile and a half. You could easily spend a full morning or afternoon walking and enjoying the area.

Free Amazon Kindle Prepping and Survival Books

If you have an Amazon Kindle account, you can download free prepping and survival books to add to your library. Search Kindle listing on Amazon for (free kindle books "survival") (free kindle books "prepping") (free kindle books "YOUR TOPIC") to find books of interest.
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